In 2015, Mrs. Zahide Neşe Baharoğlu, combining its experience in the textile sector with today’s business intelligence and always bringing the latest technology together with the highest quality material, has introduced Neshba Mağazacılık ve Tekstil A.Ş. was established by name.


The company aims to reach the highest standards in fast and always in line with the needs of its customers in the national and global markets.


Neshba Mağazacılık ve Tekstil A.Ş School, which is the wholesale and retail leading company of the school, worker and hospital uniforms, expands marketing network every day and carries its quality to the countries of the World.


With its R & D activities, we are renewing ourselves every day and trying to stay up-to-date with today’s conditions with our investment in our production facility and manpower. As a result of our corporate structure and the efforts we have carried out in order to bring the trends we have created to the world standards, we believe that our growing network of marketing, our ever-evolving merchandising approach and our experience have gained us; We are always the first and only choice of our customers by reflecting to our products that carry quality and comfort to their original designs.


We proudly continue our renewal and enthusiasm every day.